Big Sexy Talk

2.01: (Mary Crawford) - 'Mummy said here’s a letter for you'

May 30, 2023 Informing Choices NI Season 2 Episode 1
Big Sexy Talk
2.01: (Mary Crawford) - 'Mummy said here’s a letter for you'
Show Notes

The opening episode of series two contains an in-depth interview with Mary Crawford. Mary was the CEO of the Brook Advisory Clinic in Northern Ireland for 25 years, and oversaw the organisations transition to Common Youth before retiring in 2018. She is a veteran pro-choice campaigner, and a Trustee of Informing Choices NI.

Mary reflects on the sex education she received growing up; being involved in abortion rights campaigns as a student in the 1970s; running personal development courses at Youth Action; the opening of the Brook Advisory Clinic in Belfast in 1992; the impact of protests and being targeted within her local area; meeting with former Northern Ireland Secretary of State Mo Mowlam MP; delivering relationships and sexuality education (RSE) programmes in community settings; providing sexual health services to young men; the decline in teenage pregnancy rates; and what constitutes good RSE.

If you would like support around a sexual health issue you can call the Sexual Health Helpline on 028 9031 6100.

Useful links

An Early Day Motion from 1991 regarding the proposed establishment of a Brook Advisory Centre in Belfast

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