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Big Sexy Talk

Informing Choices NI

Highly commended in the Irish Podcast Awards 2023 – Best Sex & Relationships podcast

Do you remember all the family gatherings spent discussing the joys of sex around the dinner table? Or the classes in school where your RE teacher showed you how to put a condom on a demonstrator? No? REALLY! If, like us, you didn’t have those cosy conversations about sex growing up, then this is the podcast for you! Big Sexy Talk is brought to you by Informing Choices NI. It is produced in mini-series format, with each collection of episodes focusing on a different area of sexual and reproductive health. We conduct in-depth interviews with key influencers, and provide information on sexual and reproductive health services. Join us on a journey as we create a culture of openness about sexual and reproductive health and empower people with the information they need to make informed choices. After all this is a sexual health podcast, so it is.